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We are stockists of wheelchairs, walking aids, shower and bath aids, as well as Stomal products and wound care materials. We also supply medical furniture for doctors rooms and hospitals, as well as a wide range of home and specialist diagnostic equipment, such as blood pressure monitors, diabetic test kits, as well as factory, sport, vehicle and home first-aid kits. Jackie's motto is "If we don't stock it, we will find it for you!".

Medikwip specialises in Patient Mobility.


We suggest that you print out the list of minimum requirements for a first aid kit that follows, and stick it inside the lid of your first-aid kit. Then you should be able to tell at a glance what needs to be replaced.

Extract from the Act:

GENERAL SAFETY REGULATIONSMEDIKWIP-JACKIEwFirst aid, emergency equipment and procedures
1.    An employer shall take all reasonable steps that are necessary under the circumstances to ensure that persons at work receive prompt first aid treatment in case of injury or emergency.
2.    Where more than five employees are employed at a workplace, the employer of such employees shall provide a first aid box or boxes at, or near the workplace, which shall be available and accessible for the treatment of injured persons at that workplace.
a.    Taking into account the type of injuries that are likely to occur at a workplace, the nature of the activities performed and the number of employees employed at such a workplace, the employer shall make sure that the first aid box or boxes contemplated in subregulation (2) contain suitable first aid equipment which include at least the equipment listed in the Annexure hereto.
b.    Such an employer shall make sure that only articles or equipment contemplated in subregulation (a) or other similar equipment or medicine is kept in the first aid box or boxes.
Annexure 1
(Regulation 3)
[As amended by G.N.R.2245 dd. 7 August 1992]


In the case of shops and offices, the quantities stated under items 1, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 17 and 18 may be reduced by half.

Item 1: Wound cleaner/antiseptic (100ml)
Item 2: Swabs for cleaning wounds
Item 3: Wool for padding (100g)
Item 4: Sterile gauze (minimum quantity 10)
Item 5: 1 pair forceps (for splinters)
Item 6: 1 pair scissors (minimum size 100 mm)
Item 7: 1 set safety pins
Item 8: 4 triangular bandages
Item 9: 4 roller bandages (75mm x 5m)
Item 10: 4 roller bandages (100mm x 5 m)
Item 11: 1 roll elastic adhesive (25mm x 3m)
Item 12: 1 Non-allergic adhesive strip (25mm x 3m)
Item 13: 1 packet adhesive dressing strips (min. quantity, 10 assorted sizes)
Item 14: 4 First aid dressings (75mm x 100mm)
Item 15: 4 First aid dressings (150mm x 200mm)
Item 16: 2 Straight splints
Item 17: 2 pairs large and 2 pairs medium disposable latex gloves
Item 18: 2 CPR mouth pieces or similar devices

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Klinicare Pharmacies are contracted to most medical aids.disp We do not charge any additional admin fees or levies on Scripts.*
*Subject to your medical aid’s formulary and their terms and conditions.

Government Regulations do not allow us to advertise scheduled medicine online, but our pharmacists will gladly supply you with a FREE quotation for chronic or acute medication or scripts.


Request your FREE quotation Courieron postal or courier services when placing your order. We deliver medicine throughout South Africa and we are contracted to most medical aids, saving you additional fees. We also assist clients that are working overseas.

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As we are contracted to most medical aids, you won't have to pay any additional fees, besides your normal medical aid levies, and the postage charge on your order.

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Our Travel Clinics are World Health Organisation Approved Yellow Fever inoculationbabyclinic centres and we offer a comprehensive range of travel vaccination services, as well as malaria prophylaxis. Our qualified Travel Medicine Clinic sisters are affiliated to SASTM, and receive daily updates and alerts pertaining to Travel Medicine from SASTM.

Our Baby clinics offer the State and supplemental inoculations for babies and children. They also offer a family planning and breast-feeding advice service to mommies.

Our Wellness Clinics are geared up to test patients for cholesterol, blood sugar, anemia, urinary tract infections, HIV and many other conditions. Our Wellness Clinics also offer a compliance and monitoring service for patients with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, as well as an HIV counseling service.


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