About Us


At Klinicare Pharmacies, we believe that Health and Happiness are integrally linked and we strive to give our customers a Happy Healthcare shopping experience.

The goal of Klinicare Pharmacies is to add the human touch and treat each customer as an individual, providing service that is tailored to their specific needs. With Klinicare, you will never be Mr or Mrs “Next Please”!

We believe that all our customers have the right to specialised service, and to that end, we train our staff extensively in their fields, so that they may serve our customers better.

Klinicare Pharmacies has a proud history of involvement in our local community and our Klinicare Foundation is instrumental in supporting local causes, that comply with our ethos.


  • Professional advice from qualified pharmacists
  • Assistance with Chronic Medicine Authorisations
  • Added-value services such as Patient Screening
  • Baby & Wellness Clinic and Travel Clinic